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doubts about Lenny and available QA tools and security team

Please do you have answers, or urls pointing to answers to the following

> - Expected release date for Lenny.
> - How test/guarantee today high end hardware (SAN, blades
> , etc) work fully with Lenny? Are there regression tests?
> - How help Debian at this task of high end hw drivers?
> - How much time takes a security patch to be issued?
> - Are there regression tests to allow distro consistency of a 
> security fix backport to a VERY old version of a sw,
> already outside of security team action scope? (Lets say, a 
> Pg 6.x on Lenny, unmaintained even at upstream. Please, do
> not discuss the merit of this approach, as it is _their_ IT mgmt
> problem to solve.) How release team verify distro consistency?
> Could it be reproduced in house? Is a repackaging enough?

Andre Felipe Machado

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