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Re: Call for opinions: slogan for the Lenny release ?

also sprach Fernando Cerezal <kryptos21@gmail.com> [2008.10.13.2039 +0200]:
> We should present Debian like the best of the bests, other people
> will put it as yet another Linux or even the worst Linux becase it
> is too complex, etc.. so the concept is balanced.

I treasure Debian and love it dearly, but it's not the best of the
bests, because there is no objective "best", it all depends on how
you want to put it to use. Debian is the most universal of all
operating systems that I know, meaning it can be used for pretty
much everything, and can serve as the basis for more specific,
targetted distros. But there are these specific distros that fill
certain niches much better than Debian does, don't you think?

> They will continue this way, we can do something.. or not.

I don't want to put stones in your way. I just see "slogan" and
"commercial" and "marketing" and superlatives and empty words, and
my red flags go up. Debian has a awesome reputation in the advanced
circles. Let's try not to ruin that with overly generic publicity.

And do consider that one of the reasons why we have such a good
reputation with advanced users is that we make decisions
accordingly. We do not cater specifically for desktop users or
servers or anything. We are universal. Once we start deviating from
that, we'll use users and I think Debian might never be able to
recover from that.

Whatever you chose to do -- I will not comment anymore on this
thread -- please try to stay as close as possible to reality as you
can. Let RH and Suse spout FUD with their slogans, but let's not
compete in that league!

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