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Re: Call for opinions: slogan for the Lenny release ?

My idea to get a solution:

This discussion gets quite long and ineffective - and I doubt we will
ever find a sentence that will fit everybody (as well as all aspects
of Debian, and the needs of all potential users) perfectly... and any
developer's and contributor's time can be much better spent than
making even more proposals, or writing this or that lengthy reasoning
why (s)he doesn't like the one or the other proposal...

To get to an end, the initiator of this thread might sample 10
(non-offensive) of the sentences that have appeared now, and let a
vote happen for a day or a week. Maybe an 11th option being not to
invent a new slogan.


Henning Sprang
http://www.sprang.de | http://lazyb0y.blogspot.com/

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