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Re: Debian Partners Program in action at Brasil

Hi Andre,

On Wednesday 01 October 2008 13:25, AndreMachado wrote:
> At September 25, there was a meeting at Serpro headquarter, involving four
> levels of top hierarchy, with a group of Debian Project DD and contributors

Cool! Very. (The whole description of the meeting and the events sound great!)

> This implies that Debian Partners Program has to be reactivated.
> Who could forward inbox msg from partners@d.o to my address? 

That topic again :-/ Cant you become a DD now? ;) Seriously, can we set up a 
mail forward to Andre? And the other people I suggested a month ago... (and 
nobody objected to.)

As kind of a last ressort I'm also willing to receive those mails and foreward 
relevant mails to Andre, but IMO this is a cumbersome and unneeded 


P.S.: oh, and seriously, become a DD :-) (but take your time whatever that is)

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