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Debian Partners Program in action at Brasil

At September 25, there was a meeting at Serpro headquarter, involving four 
levels of top hierarchy, with a group of Debian Project DD and contributors

(Otavio Salvador, Andre Felipe Machado and João Eriberto Mota Filho), 
prepared with help of a group of brazilian DDs and contributors (Otavio, 
Faw, Spectra, Kov, Fike), for a presentation about Debian Project, 
Debian GNU/Linux, and a long discussion about Debian Partners Program.

The very long presentation [0] was successful and entertaining 
(no one left the room, and asked *many* questions). 
Addressed some of the key misconceptions and lack of knowledge about 
Debian Project and its distro, that led to unjustified fears among the
It was requested to be repeated through interactive video-conference for
levels of IT teams across the country in a few days.

The discussion about Debian Partners Program can also be considered a
at this point in time. Some ideas for institutional colaboration were
and will be evaluated by Serpro.
I expect new rounds to happen.

As a government company, things happen very slowly, but a little share of
goodwill was stabilished then.
I hope some of the ideas become implemented actually and be able to
them, but there is still a long way to go to clear misconceptions and 
internal resistance across all levels.
But when presented with enough information, it has being almost smooth.

This implies that Debian Partners Program has to be reactivated.
Who could forward inbox msg from partners@d.o to my address?

Andre Felipe Machado


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