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Re: [lists] Re: [DRAFT FOR REVIEW] Government owned IT enterprise SERPRO selected Debian GNU/Linux for its servers and wish to collaborate

On Sunday 31 August 2008 15:36:54 MJ Ray wrote:
> Recent SERPRO tenders have already encouraged participation by small
> FLOSS regional companies, as well as  Debian support services.
> (Reasoning: presumably small companies were allowed before, but could
> not handle the size of tenders; I think it's "participation by", not
> "of".)
> SERPRO has created a FLOSS Strategic Coordinator (CESOL), in part to
> assist co-operation between FLOSS communities and other federal
> government agencies, using the www.softwarelivre.gov.br website and
> the CISL meetings.  SERPRO and other Brazilian government agencies
> have already started to release some code as free software.
> (Reasoning: clarify this is only one aim of CESOL; include examples of
> how it will assist; reword final sentence to include SERPRO and make
> clear this is about free software and not merely open code.  I assume
> that CISL is defined earlier in the text.)

These are good suggestions, which I have changed in the Wiki page.  However, 
we now have CISL, which is not defined or explained.

Andre Felipe, can you explain CISL or do you want to just remove it?


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