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Re: [Debconf-team] RFC: 1st DRAFT DC8 press release


martin f krafft schrieb:

> Thanks for your comments!

You are welcome.

>>> Mar Del Plata to host 9th Debian developer conference
>> Hmmm... Didn't it use to the be just the "Debian conference"?
>> (Note the missing "developer".)
> Last year's press release also said "developer" but I am happy to
> drop that.

No strong feelings about it; just thought that it had been discussed...
uhm... three years ago?  But if you decided otherwise in the meantime.

>>>   * 100 talks and tutorial sessions scheduled.
>> 100?  Then why does
>> https://penta.debconf.org/dc8_schedule/events.en.html only list ~50?
>> (Even if there are really 100 events, you get to the above list by
>> clicking the link you have later in your press release; and that will at
>> least lead to confusion.)
> I think the list is not yet complete, but I hope it will be by the
> time we send this out. I would also prefer to link to one page with
> all events, rather than one where you have to click all over to see
> what's up.

I just fear, that some might be confused when reading about 100 events,
look at the list and well - the list just looks to short to be 100.  You
don't even need to count :(

>>> Over 100 events have been scheduled with speakers from all parts
>>> of the world.
>> Any "community celebrities" which could be mentioned?
> Steve McIntyre, our leader? Mark Shuttleworth, although he is not
> Debian and I don't think he deserves press coverage for what he
> does, but that's my personal opinion and I will bend to pressure.

What about Steve and Bdale (with his nice title from HP)?

>> If you use en_US (which the rest of your mail seems to be) it's
>> organizer. (Did a native speaker already looked over that? They
>> always detect some germisms ;)
> I use en_GB and I don't think there's en_US anywhere in the mail.

Maybe PEBKAC when handling the automatic spell check extension, which
tried to convince me you are using American English.

>> Some general notes:
>> - AFAIK you introduced keynotes this year; shouldn't they mentioned?
> Why? Are they actually of interest?

Don't know ;)

Just heard you have keynotes, and thought that they should be by
definition of interesting?

>> BTW:  What's your plan for an "after show" pr?  Someone is going
>> to collect interesting developments which could be mentioned?
> Sure. We'll try. Anyone who hears of anything interesting please
> tell me.

Very good!  Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

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