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Re: Xen support in Lenny?

Graham Cobb schreef:
> On Tuesday 29 July 2008 16:50:26 Paul van der Vlis wrote:
>> Alexander Reichle-Schmehl schreef:
>>> Hi!
>>> Michael Banck schrieb:
>>> [ XEN status for Lenny ]
>>>> A paragraph in the next DPN discussing the relevant mailing list thread
>>>> looks in order to me though, anyway.
>>> I agree, that this would warrant a paragraph in the next DPN.  However
>>> my knowledge about XEN is quite limited, so I would prefer someone else
>>> to write something up.  Any volunteers for that?
>> My english is not very well, but I will try:
> I do not really know the situation but I have read the two postings you 
> referenced.  Would the following paragraph be (i) true, and (ii) a more 
> positive thing to say in DPN?  I don't think it would be useful to trigger a 
> stream of content-free "please don't break Xen" posts on debian-devel!
> Limited Xen support in Lenny
> A recent discussion on the debian-devel list highlighted that due to the 
> upstream delays in getting Xen support integrated in kernels beyond 2.6.18, 
> Lenny will need to ship with limited Xen support.  Pasi Kärkkäinen explained 
> the situation [1] and Bastian Blank wrote an article [2] about the options we 
> have. His conclusion is to support a 2.6.18 kernel in Lenny, 
> until "lenny-and-a-half" adds better Xen support.  However, the Lenny team 
> has not yet confirmed the final decision.
>  [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2008/07/msg00475.html
>  [2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2008/07/msg00476.html

I think this is better then my article. And I realize now that I am not
sure enough about the content of my article. You don't mention the
points where I am not really sure about.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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