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Re: Xen support in Lenny?

Paul van der Vlis wrote:
There is an diskussion ongoing in pkg-xen-devel and debian-devel about
the future of Xen in Debian. It look-likes there will be no dom0-support
(xen host) in Lenny, and domU-support (xen client) for 64-bit is a big

Actually, solutions are being thought about - the last thing I saw was some interesting proposals for solution/workaround from Bastian Blank.

Maybe good for an article for the next version of DPN?

Sorry, but I'm failing to see that we can be proud about not supporting Xen in Debian - it's an important Software, used by many people, and this situation is really pityful.

Really, that's not to blame Debian at all - I do work quite a bit with Xen, and know the problematic situation, and mentioned this extensively in my last talks at FOSDEM and Debconf - upstream doesn't provide a kernel patch for an up to date kernel, and Debian developers don't have so much manpower...

But I really don't see the story to make this very public, even less, how this will actually help the situation.


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