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Re: Announcement of D-I releases

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> Note that D-I releases, even though they contain full sets of CDs and 
> DVDs, are not _Debian_ beta releases or release candidates and that has 
> to be made very clear to a less technical audience.

Re-reading the announcement, this is probably by far the most
important point.

"Debian Installer Lenny Beta 2 released" sounds like "The 2nd beta
version of Lenny is released". The work "Installer" is just mentally
skipped by any reader as it is not obvious there is a special
component named "the installer".

So, we should probably forget about our internal jargon and say
something like "Installation system" or so...

On the other hand, I still remember the days of the preparation of
sarge where Joey was basically saying that a beta release of the
installer is indeed a beta release of Debian as, after all, installing
with it gives you a snapshot of the next Debian release (the main
difference being that, apart from the installer, what you install
changes over time).

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