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Re: Debian on Supercomputer

Hi Andre Felipe (et al.)

Andre Felipe Machado wrote:
> - Could the web pages for the people involved/cited (you [13] and
> Henning [14]) be linked or are there others?

Right now these are all we have. We are about to migrate to a new
webserver for our group. There we might have new pages if time allows
and we try to link to those from the links you gave.

> - When the Merlin (july 2003) was migrated to Debian? 
2004? I need to ask the admin there who is on the LinuxTag in Berlin today.

> - Did Morgane launched in 2006?
Launch was early 2007 IIRC, but I'll ask the admin also.

> - Did you know about the release team page [10]?
Yes and mostly looking at turmzimmer.net for the progress

> - Do you know about Debian backports site [11]? could it solve your
> needs?
We do use them from time to time, so yes, we now it (and congrats for
the 5th birthday) and it solves a few problems. But a few packages are
missing and usually these are too specific for backports.org, e.g.
newwer version of ipmitool among others.

> - Do you know about the available debian tools for massive scale
> deployments and management (p1, p2, p3) [12]? Could those help?
Only about a few. We ruled out preseeding very early into the game
because it lacked flexibility. FAI we are using (which uses cfengine in
turn). The others I need to look into. But in principle ease of
installation was not a problem at all (after some initial testing).

> - Could these sites cause a rewording of your text?

Which ones specifically? About the release cycle? About deployment?


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