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Re: Debian on Supercomputer

Hello, Carsten
Many thanks for the information.
Work started at the draft already [9] but it is still in very early
stage and it is not ready for a first review yet.

- Could the web pages for the people involved/cited (you [13] and
Henning [14]) be linked or are there others?
- When the Merlin (july 2003) was migrated to Debian? 
- Did Morgane launched in 2006?
- Did you know about the release team page [10]?
- Do you know about Debian backports site [11]? could it solve your
- Do you know about the available debian tools for massive scale
deployments and management (p1, p2, p3) [12]? Could those help?
- Could these sites cause a rewording of your text?

Many thanks.
Andre Felipe

[10] http://release.debian.org
[11] http://backports.org

Em Ter, 2008-05-27 às 08:09 +0200, Carsten Aulbert escreveu:

> The people designing, building and running the cluster (namely Dr
> Henning Fehrmann and Dr Carsten Aulbert) have been using Debian for
> years. Our brother and sister systems in Potsdam[0b], "Merlin" and
> "Morgane" [7]are running Debian for years (one converted from RH 7.x at
> some point) and the experience had been very, very good.

> Personally, I like community distros more since they offer more
> long-term stability than a distro which is governed by the need of
> releasing often to generate revenue. Although on the downside it would
> be better for us to have a more settled release plan and/or some kind of
> "stable and supported" backports.

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