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Re: 3rd person singular neutral X 3rd person plural ?

After reading the cited [0] and [1], and still confused, I "guess" the
best hint could be the wikipedia phrase :
"The rule of thumb is that a group acting as a unit is considered
singular and a group of "individuals acting separately" is considered
supported by the given example (is it the most clear one?)
"The Debian Project is 15 years old and they have just issued a major
security advisory."
and we should reword the DT guidelines [2], at the section regarding PRs

The text should be primarly written in third person, singular, neutral:
"it, the Debian Project".
(appending the above rule of thumb and example)

Rembember that at PRs we always state "Debian Project" for our community
and "Debian GNU / Linux | GNU / Hurd | GNU / kFreeBSD | GNU / NetBSD" to
our OSes.

Could we settle at a guidelines [2] paragraph redaction regarding this
Does the MHRA [3] state something about it?

Andre Felipe Machado
(And I thought that Portuguese was difficult, with all their country
variations, not even counting dialects)

[2] http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/DebianTimesTeam/Guidelines
[3] http://www.mhra.org.uk/Publications/Books/StyleGuide/download.shtml

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