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Re: 3rd person singular neutral X 3rd person plural ?

also sprach Graham Cobb <g+debian@cobb.uk.net> [2008.05.15.1321 +0100]:
> It might be better to think about a different statement: The
> Debian project is 15 years old and they have just issued a major
> security advisory.

That's mighty awkward to my ears^w eyes. The project is 15 years of
age and its security team has just...

> The bottom line is that, as with most grammar questions, neither
> is "right" or "wrong" but that there are differences between
> (most) US and (most) UK usage.  If the list want, we can decide
> whether the term "Debian" is to use singular or plural verb
> agreement (and the related but not identical issue of pronoun
> agreement) as a matter of house style.  I would vote for British
> usage, but that is because I am a Brit!

I prefer British English to the other variants, but I have to say
that having Debian be plural is *weird*. Thus I vote against it.

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