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Re: format of date strings : british english proof reader needed

Hiya Andrew,

> > Let's have a look then.
> <snip>
> > We were always taught that the correct way to give the date is:
> > Tuesday the 13th of May 2008
> > But if that's too long winded why not just keep to the MHRA style guide?
> Well, that's the way I've always said it verbally, but never in writing.
It used to be more common in writing too but has faded lately.

> I agree with using a style guide, but for those of us outside the UK,
> how widespread is MHRA?
The MHRA? Academically it's very common in the humanities and most of the 
sciences would use something very similar too.
It's a damn good style guide to use as a base to build on.

> > Believe it or not but there are British Standard guidelines and ISO
> > standards for this sort of thing.
> I'd believe it :P
Wonder if any are available online? I've yet to find some but you never know 
these days.

> > Why not have a quick show of hands and then update the guidelines?
> > I'm fond of 'st,' 'th,' and 'rd' myself but if they've got to go they've
> > got go.
> I support ordinal numbers!
Let's go with that format then (14 May 2008) and avoid sowing confusing among 
any of the audience!

> If we have to change, we should follow ISO8601:2000, AS3802:1997 or
> ANSI X3.30 and go for just writing YYYY MM DD.

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