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Re: DPN with Ikiwiki

also sprach Jon Evans <saeng2oo@googlemail.com> [2008.05.10.2035 +0100]:
> You'd be amazed at how useful a good working style guide is.
> In fact it wouldn't hurt to start thinking about some basic style
> guidelines now before the work begins.

You may have noted http://dpn.debian.net/style/ -- if you want to
start populating it, have a go!

> Did anyone mention a need for British proof-readers? I'm both
> British and an academic proof-reader willing to help as much as
> I can when I get the time but in the meantime if there are any
> specific questions that you'd like to raise please feel free to
> ask.

Thanks! I think we'll definitely need loads of native speakers to
review (and write) articles. For now, maybe you can have a look at
http://wiki.debian.org/ProjectNews/Issues/Current and help up smooth
out the rough edges?

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