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Suggested reordering of the stories

The order of stories in the current issue is quite suboptimal IMHO.
I would suggest to group them by general area, something like:

Community news
  Planets for Debian Contributors up again, ready for new feeds and languages
  Hendry's Debian tips and tricks

Debian in the news
  Canadian British Columbia's School District #73 opts for Debian GNU / Linux

-- Import noteworthy articles from http://times.debian.net/ here --

News from the development front
  Working towards lenny ("Development progress")
  19 new Debian Developers this week: The Debian Project improves its New Maintainer process

Upcoming events
  Debian Project will be at Swiss Linux Days 2008
  Debian Project will be at Linux Tag 2008
  -- Mention upcoming events here --

New projects
  ArtistX, based on Debian Live Initiative
  Powua, a new kind of business enabled using Debian
  debimg, a new software to replace debian-cd

-- Import released DSAs here --
-- Point to WNPP-report here --
-- Link farm to Debian-related sites --

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