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Re: sitebar @ DPN?

also sprach Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> [2008.05.04.1257 +0100]:
> >  How about a section with links to recent entries on sites related to
> >  Debian, like DebADay and debian-administration.org, at the end?
> I like that idea.

I see two approaches:

1. cross-link the latest entry, so mainly provide a pointer to lure
people to other Debian resources
2. cross-link all entries since the last DPN

I am strongly in favour of (1) since DPN isn't an RSS reader and all
entries from various sites might produce a list way too long.
A short note about RSS and that each of the sites we link to
has a feed would be in good order.

Also, this could probably be automated one way or another.

Which sites?

- http://debian-administration.org
- http://debaday.debian.net/
- http://dabase.com/tips/
- http://times.debian.net/ -- unless already covered
- ...?

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