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Re: DPN workflow / moinmoin vcs plugin?


Em Dom, 2008-04-27 às 19:26 +0400, martin f krafft escreveu:
> also sprach Andre Felipe Machado <andremachado@techforce.com.br> [2008.04.27.1806 +0400]:
> > Is there, or is it possible to develop, a moinmoin VCS
> > plugin/macro/extension?
> None that I know of, and anything's possible. I don't want to touch
> that code with a stick though. Adding the VCS option is also
> top-down, which is the wrong approach. Ikiwiki did it righ from the
> start.
I did not know that MoinMoin code was so ugly.
Please, convince the debian-www team to migrate Debian Wiki to the
better code base of ikiwiki.

> > The debian publicity team has(should have) many(mostly) people who
> > are not programmers, then the vcs feature is not relevant to them.
> > With lack of manpower, and focus on non technical contributors, we
> > should keep things simple enough for non technical people and
> > avoid more manpower use at infrastructure.
> Well, I agree, but then this is not the project to which I want to
> contribute.
I was unaware that using MoinMoin was such high entry barrier for
contributors. (I agree that ikiwiki is more clever, but Debian Wiki is
currently using the other. Please, implement previous paragraph action).

Ubuntu marketing team is strong, *very* active and the results speak for

I am sad that you chose to not collaborate with the efforts of making
Debian Project more known, despite difficulties.
Giving that your 2006 blog entry [0] (I lively recall it from that date
as well as [2]) is cited until today [0], I expected you could spend
some effort to overcome personal preferences in benefit of Debian
There are many things I would like to be different. 
But after reading [0], [2], I started to actually making something at my
reach, like contributing to the PressCoverage pages and "activating" as
I could the debian-publicity mailing list, writing at my blog [3] and
spreading the word.
Making Debian Project more known is an herculean task, needing much more
contributors than the VALUABLE ones we have today. We do not have a
budget, we do not have full time contributors, journalists, PR profs nor
staff. It is an all volunteer effort.
We have passion about what we built/use and would like to help the best
we could.
You are at a privileged position, knowing Debian Project inside out, and
could (hand hold)||(show how) the noncoder contributors at this mailing
list to "get" Debian Project culture [3] and bring interesting valuable
and still unknown things that are happening to the collaborators redact
texts and spread the word.
Most people outside Debian Project are unaware of why the participants
are so commited [4].
And some of the new non coder contributors found a way to help [5]  here
at Debian Publicity team effort.
Please, do not disappoint them, as DDs being known by fighting gory
uphill battles every day, for the last 15 years, this wiki issue should
be surpassed in benefit of Debian Project.
While you try to convince the debian-www team to migrate Debian Wiki to
ikiwiki and review layout.
I hope you reconsider to help Debian Project to be more well known.
Andre Felipe

PS: debian times site still down?

[0] http://madduck.net/blog/2006.05.24:ubuntu-and-debian/
[3] original authors approved summary:
[4] http://wiki.debian.org/WhyDebianForDevelopers
[5] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianForNonCoderContributors

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