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Re: DPN workflow


On Saturday 26 April 2008 22:28, martin f krafft wrote:
> > If that ikiwiki instance would have no authentication, you invite
> > spammers. If you give it authentication, you raise the entry
> > barrier again.
> Same thing for moinmoin.

Sure. The point is, that almost every Debian contributor has an account on 

> > Many many people have accounts on wiki.debian.org and thus using
> > wiki.d.o is a low entry barrier too.
> I am somewhat failing to accept that argument. Asking someone to set
> up an account, like they've already done once, might be a little bit
> of extra work, but it hardly raises the barrier of entry.

I must say that I think you fail to understand the concept of "barrier of 
entry" then.

> > What might work would be an ikiwiki instance on alioth.
> I am willing to maintain it.

Cool. (Though I think Alexander should decide where he thinks the wiki is kept 


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