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Re: DPN workflow

On Fri, 25 Apr 2008, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> But I'm not that happy with MoinMoin, too. I especially dislike,
> that it keeps texts as very long lines, instead of breaking them at
> ~80; that would make the diffs MoinMoin sends out much easier to
> read!

There's no reason not to wrap them at ~80 columns in your editor. [If
you're using FF, try It's All Text, or similar.]

Don Armstrong

The sheer ponderousness of the panel's opinion ... refutes its thesis
far more convincingly than anything I might say. The panel's labored
effort to smother the Second Amendment by sheer body weight has all
the grace of a sumo wrestler trying to kill a rattlesnake by sitting
on it--and is just as likely to succeed.
 -- Alex Kozinski in Silveira V Lockyer

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