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Re: DPN workflow


Am 22.4.2008 schrieb "martin f krafft" <madduck@debian.org>:

>I noticed the occasional spelling mistake in the news and saw on the
>wiki that native speakers are sought to correct mistakes on
>http://wiki.debian.org/ProjectNews/Issues/Current. I wonder whether
>there's a way to do this without requiring moinmoin interaction.
>I am not a native speaker, but I'd be happy to help on the editorial
>side of things.

Well, the idea behind using MoinMoin was to keep the entry barrier
(technically low) and so make it easy for non technicians to contribute.
 Using a Wiki is fairly easy (while still has the pros of having a
history and diffs) and doesn't need much explanations; version control
systems do, especially for non developers, who aren't familiar with
similar systems.

Yours sincerely,

PS: But I'm not that happy with MoinMoin, too. I especially dislike,
that it keeps texts as very long lines, instead of breaking them at ~80;
that would make the diffs MoinMoin sends out much easier to read!

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