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Re: Open Questions regarding DPN

On 25/04/08 at 09:40 +0100, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Let's see... DSAs are quite usefull to have, but a) there's a sepperate
> announcement list for them and b) since DPN is send out on a biweekly
> basis, it would mean that we might list two week old security
> advisories. That's IMHO quite useless.

I agree that we should not include them.

> Noteworthy new packages:  Since Joe Average is using the stable
> distribution, announcing new packages, which might end up in the next
> stable release is quite useless; there should be a better place to
> report them (e.g. release-notes).

I know a lot of Debian *users* who use testing on their desktops. I
think that they are worth mentioning.

> Orphaned packages / packages up for adoption:  Not interesting for the
> main audience; are allready reported weekly to the debian-devel list
> (where they are IMHO more appropriate); if Joe Average is really
> interested in them, it's easier to install the devscript package and
> run "wnpp-alert".

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