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Re: Deploying KDE to 52 million young people

Hello, Holger
Actually, it is a following of [0] and [1].
And DD are(were) behind the OS.
I am not sure if they can talk about it.
I *guess* there are some contractual obligations allowing only
government talk about. You can see at [2] that only government people
Will try a contact asking about details.
Andre Felipe

[2] http://fisl.softwarelivre.org/9.0/papers/pub/programacao/724

Em Qui, 2008-04-24 às 19:10 +0200, Holger Levsen escreveu:
> Hi,
> the text quoted below sounds pretty impressive. Also make sure to read 
> http://piacentini.livejournal.com/7871.html
> Mauricio, do you have an email address from someone involved in this, I'd like 
> to send congrats to them and ask them how they modified Debian and how we 
> could cooperate cooperate in Debian Edu, another Debian based distro (being 
> 99,867% pure Debian) for schools, in northern europe also used with KDE on 
> the desktop :) 
> regards,
> 	Holger

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