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Fwd: Aaron Siego: Deploying KDE to 52 million young people


the text quoted below sounds pretty impressive. Also make sure to read 

Mauricio, do you have an email address from someone involved in this, I'd like 
to send congrats to them and ask them how they modified Debian and how we 
could cooperate cooperate in Debian Edu, another Debian based distro (being 
99,867% pure Debian) for schools, in northern europe also used with KDE on 
the desktop :) 


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Subject: Aaron Siego: Deploying KDE to 52 million young people
Date: Thursday 24 April 2008 11:43
From: Planet Debian upstream <bozo@dev.null.invalid>

Mauricio broke the news today in his blog about what can only be described as
 [a massive deployment of free software][1]. I'd heard about this project
 recently, but reading more of the details in Mauricio's blog really cemented
 in my mind how groundbreaking this is.

In summary: KDE on Linux has stepped up to become _the_ software platform in
 the primary school education system in Brazil. That may sound like a bold
 claim, but the numbers are staggering and speak for themselves:

By the end of this year 29,000 labs serving some 32,000,000 students will be
 fully deployed and in active use.

By the end of next year (2009) those numbers will have swelled to 53,000 labs
 serving some 52,000,000 students.

The systems use KDE 3.5 and take full advantage of Debian as well as KDE's
 Edu and Games projects, use of KDE4 in future implementation is just
 starting to be explored. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the
 deployment is how they maximize investment in hardware by putting several
 heads on each system.

What about the content used on these computers? [Go see for yourself][2].

KDE 3.5 will be supported in the market for many years to come due to
 deployments such as this one. Looking towards the future, KDE4 will likely
 make some things even easier for them in the future, such as how to
 implement the navigation bar they added to the top of desktop as a result of
 usability research done involving this specific audience. With Plasma, a few
 lines of JavaScript is all that would be needed.

Brazil is rolling out an additional 150,000 portable machines in their "Um
 Computador por Aluno" project; those machines are Classmate PCs and though I
 haven't found out first hand yet what they will be running, my online
 spelunking seems to indicate they, too, are sporting KDE on Linux.

Brazil is not the only place in the world that things are heating up for Free
 software and KDE, but this has got to be one of the more exciting publicly
 announced projects going right now.

In a word, it is _humongous_.

You can learn more about this expansive project by reading [Mauricio's blog
 entry][1]. I encourage you to head over and take a peak if you haven't
 already done so.

   [1]: http://piacentini.livejournal.com/7871.html
   [2]: http://webeduc.mec.gov.br/



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