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Re: Bits from the DPL: FTP-master & DAM delegations

Hello, Lucas
Many thanks for your contributions.
Sorry for my poor english skills, so read with benevolence.
I "imagined" the text not to "create" pseudo facts, but only tell enough
info to outsiders know that a problem is being addressed in a short term
(delegations) and long term (discussions for process improvements) mode.
Also, the mailing list archives, planet, and blogs are public and any
incorrections will surely be quickly pointed.
Face to face meetings are not archived.

As I told, my english skills are not proficient. Please, redact the
pointed paragraph to tell the message you intend. Also, could you
contact Sam, Joerg and James about the events sequence? Maybe it was
just a coincidence, but Sam's and James timing were good... 
The important message is that there are now more people in charge,
reducing workload, bottlenecks, and individual responsibilities. This is
one that really matters in the text. We want to highlight the solutions,
not the problems.
Other message is that Debian Project is addressing problems, as fast it
could, with two approaches. A fast emergency delegation, and a long term
solution discussion. Not all people are pleased, but the Project needs
to find a long term scalable solution.

At the debian-project mailing list [18], there are some threads about
improving management processes inside Debian Project. I guess it is the
most suitable list for that.

André Felipe

[18] http://lists.debian.org/debian-project

Em Seg, 2008-04-21 às 17:49 +0200, Lucas Nussbaum escreveu:
> I would prefer if you sticked to the facts, rather than imagine stuff
> just so we can have a better PR.
> > One of the bottlenecks is the Debian Accout Management, and Sam Hocevar,
> > at his last DPL announcement just before passing position to Steve
> > McIntyre, the new elected DPL, delegated some important tasks to more
> > people, distributing the workload a bit more.
> this part leads reader to believe that Sam's delegations was the origin
> of the creation of the new accounts.  While Sam's delegations will
> probably be a win on the long term, there's no evidence that proves that
> it was what allowed the accounts to be created (all the actions were
> taken by the other DAM AFAIK).
> > [..]
> > Ongoing discussions are being held at its mailing lists to find a better
> > New Maintainer process management with a more scalable and permanent
> > solution. 
> I don't think there's an ongoing discussion about that.
> -- 

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