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[DRAFT for REVIEW] PAGASA uses a Debian cluster for weather forecasts

Hello, Mr. Pineda
I am one of the volunteer editors of Debian Times.
Please, review the draft rendered at [0], for the attached text, looking
for needed corrections and or improvements.
Please, could you tell a bit more about the benefits of using the Debian
cluster for your agency?
Are there more Debian machines at your agency?
What is the track record for stability, reliability, security,
performance, system administration, control over customisations?
Are there code modifications made that were accepted as contributions to
the Debian Project and upstream?
How many synoptic stations send data using PICWIN and how many records
from DWD to the Debian cluster?
How many bytes of data are processed?
Please, send needed modifications until March 10th, 2008, 12:00 GMT (the
target publishing date).
The most up to date draft version will be rendered at [0].
There is no need to be subscribed to post at debian-publicity list [1],
but only subscribers will receive messages.
Many thanks.
Andre Felipe Machado

[0] http://times.debian.net/1226
[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity

PS: please correct language mistakes at the draft too. English is not my
native language.

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