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Debian 4.0/ dvd description


My name is Katarzyna Kaczor and I am a product manager assistant in Linux+ 

I am just to complete preparing the next 2/2008 issue to the print. As I 
mentioned before it will be mostly devoted to Debian and I must admit we 
managed to collect many really intereting articles. 

We will also feature Debian 4.0 distro on our DVDs. 
Could I have one more request to all of you? Could anyone you please send me a 
description to the Debian 4.0 for the DVD description section?

The DVD description is one page for all products so around 1500 characters 
would be ok. Could you do it for me?

Thank you in advance and all the best for 2008 !

Katarzyna Kaczor
Linux+ DVD magazine

Software Media LLC
1461 A First Avenue, # 360
New York, NY 10021-2209

phone number: 1-917-338 - 3631/ +48 22 427 35 34
fax:  +48 22 887 10 11

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