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Re: Debian 2007 timeline

A few items which I think may be superfluous:

The idea of a Social Committee is discussed on the debian-project mailing-list.

No results yet and I doubt there will be.

Ian Murdoch, Debian founder, joins Sun Microsystems to work on OpenSolaris.
Ian is gone since a while...maybe if he was dead, but why mention he just got a new job?

The future of the 32-bit version of the SPARC port, sparc32, is discussed on the debian-sparc list.
sparc32 has low importance. I think this should be removed unless there was something more than discussion, in which case it should be summarized in the timeline.

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project reports that it uses Debian 4.0 "etch" to power its backend servers.
After reading the articles, I can't imagine that this is more than a hundred installs, so if the number is significant, it should be mentioned in the timeline.

Otherwise, it looks good.

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