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[DebianTimes draft] Debian at Systems Expo in Munich, Germany


I made a draft for a DebianTimes announcement of next week's Systems
expo in Munich, it's available at http://times.debian.net/1187 and below:

The Debian project will be present again at this year's <a
href="http://www.systems-world.com/en/";>Systems</a> expo which takes place from
October 23-26 in Munich, Germany.  The Debian booth will be located in the "<a
href="http://www.systems-world.com/link/en/17562765";>Prospective Open
Source</a>" area together with other Free Software projects in <b>Hall B2,
Booth 110-2</b>.

Besides the official Debian booth, there will be some other interesting booths
for visitors concerning Debian:

<li> The City of Munich's LiMux project, which migrates all city council's desktops to
GNU/Linux will present their Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 "sarge" based basis client in
Hall B2, Booth 110-27
<li> credativ GmbH (Hall B2, Booth 110-09) informs about their Open Source
Support Center (OSSC) and its Debian GNU/Linux support services
<li> GeNUA mbH (Hall B3, Booth 321), provides system administration services
for Debian GNU/Linux
<li> Univention GmbH (Hall B2, Booth 110-17) presents their Debian-based
Univention Corporate Server (UCS) which integrates cross-site and
cross-platform identity and infrastructure management

There will also be some Debian related talks (in german) at the Forum right
next to the booth area:

<li> Michael Meskes. "Debian GNU/Linux im Business" on Wednesday, October 24th at 17:00
<li> Florian Schie&szlig;l, "FAI/GOsa verteilt und verwaltet den M&uuml;nchner LiMux Basisclient" on Thursday,October 25th at 12:30

Further, there will be two Debian-related talks at the "<a
href="http://www.systems-world.com/link/en/17601410#17601410";>Prospective Open
Source Conference"</a> which however requires registration and is not for free:

<li> Kai-Thorsten Hambrecht, "Cluster solutions with Red Hat compared to Debian", on Wednesday, October 24th at 12:00.
<li> Florian Schie&szlig;l, "The first year of Linux clients in Munich - experiences and successes", on Thursday, October 25th at 14:00

Any comments, corrections of my english?



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