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Re: Photos from Debconf for German UUG Uptimes Magazine

On 11107 March 1977, Henning Sprang wrote:

> Maybe it's very simple - are the photos shown on
> https://gallery.debconf.org/debconf7 free to use for such purposes?

If you get money for it I would talk to the one who made the picture and
maybe share a bit. Other than that I think one can assume they are
reasonably free to use in the context of DebConf, as long as credit is

bye Joerg
Das Ding heißt zwar Laptop, aber das sollte man so wörtlich nicht nehmen. Ein
50-jähriger schwedischer Wissenschaftler zog sich Verbrennungen an den
Geschlechtsteilen zu, weil er das Ding bei der Arbeit auf dem Schoß hielt.

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