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Photos from Debconf for German UUG Uptimes Magazine

I just wrote an article about this years debconf for the Uptimes, the
official Magazine of the German Unix User Group, GUUG.

Unfortunately, I only have a few pictures and they are made with my
mobile phone, and we need some nice pictures to make the article easier
to read.

Does anybody have some nice debconf picture he can provide for the use
in this magazine?

There is a small payment for the article, and for Photos, too, I don't
know if images are handled as addition, but I am willing to share the
article payment with the photographer if there is not extra photo fee.

In general, this article is mainly useful to advertise how great the
Debian conference is  :)

Maybe it's very simple - are the photos shown on
https://gallery.debconf.org/debconf7 free to use for such purposes?


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