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intellect X emotion in linux publicity

I found a very interesting article about intellect X emotion in
publicity copy [0].
“People rationalize buying decisions based on facts,
People make buying decisions based on feelings.”

"The real question, then, isn't whether you're you going to speak to the
emotions; it’s a question of ‘what’ versus ‘how.’ Are you going to
change what your readers know about the topic (and thereby change how
they feel about it), or are you going to change how they feel about what
they already know?
Choosing to change "what" is an intellectual perspective. Choosing to
change "how" is an emotional perspective."

Also, found a very curious video of a TV ad campaign currently running
in Brasil [1].
It is brazilian portuguese. I transcripted it below and (aproximately)
translated even below.
Unfortunately many of the clever local word feeling choices are not
directly translated nor the timing sync of the text with the images.
Eu faço parte de um grupo de pessoas que não faz escolhas óbvias.
Enquanto a maioria quer o que é modinha, nós queremos o que dá vontade.
Enquanto a maioria vai onde todo mundo vai, nós vamos onde é mais
Se você também tem uma cabeça diferente, deve dirigir o mesmo carro que
Ford Focus. Nada nele é óbvio.

I am part of a group of people who do not make obvious choices.
While most want what is "on the wave", we want what we like to do.
While most go where everybody goes, we go where is cool.
If you have a different mind, you should drive the same car I do.
Ford Focus. Nothing in it is obvious.

At the corporations and among most home users, the decision makers maybe
not decide based on real facts, but based on perceptions.

Andre Felipe Machado

[1] http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=cjT45k28H04

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