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Re: Using Debian For A Small Business - My Blog


Might be worth an article on times - list traffic shows there are enough 
people interested in using Debian in various commercial settings.  (Maybe 
this is even the start of a series of times articles on how people use 
Debian?  Right now times is mostly DPOTD plus project announcements, a bit 
more variety of topics wouldn't hurt IMHO. OTOH filing this 
under "success-stories" is a bit of a stretch since Scott is just starting 
out.  More like "home story")

<p>Scott Huey, a California-based Linux user for 2 years now, is now running 
a <a href="http://debforsmallbiz.blogspot.com/";>blog</a> about his 
experiences in using Debian to launch and run a small business.  So far, he 
describes his experience with Debian with "Debian was the Linux 
distribution that made it possible for me to become a Linux user. ... Its 
user forums are second to none."</p>

(english probably needs some polish.  Me no english good speaks, always.)

On Monday 23 April 2007 23.29:44 Redefined Horizons wrote:
> I've started a blog about using Debian Linux to manage the daily
> operations of a really small business. I hope to run the business with
> only open source software, with Debian as my operating system.
> I can't make any promises about the regularity of the blog postings,
> but I will do my best to put up good material, and I hope the Debian
> community will view this as a good thing.
> http://debforsmallbiz.blogspot.com/
> One of the guys on the Debian users list suggest that I get in touch
> with the people that run Debian's publicity machine. Perhaps you guys
> would be interested in my blog.
> Scott Huey

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