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Re: MGE's UPS management solution fully supports Debian GNU / Linux

Hello, Andi
The explicit Debian hardware support is very rare.
Mostly, is the community that creates drivers.
MGE made the step ahead, licencing with GPL 2, testing and certifiyng it fully works with Debian.
This way, is almost for sure that works on any distro.
UPS linux support is rare from manufacturers.

The PR is targeted at *hardware manufacturers*.

To attract them to the FOSS drivers, presenting a few of the most valuable advantages of releasing drivers / sw under a DFSG compliant license.
Usually, a decision maker reads (scan) PR material looking for the answer to the famous question:
"how could I profit from this?"

GPL try to keep things correct, ensuring mutually benefitial relationship.

Maybe a link to the free driver development effort [0] and [1] and FreedomHEC [2] could be in the pr.

Maybe a DD could contact the mkt people at MGE.

[0] http://kerneltrap.org/node/7636
[1] http://www.kroah.com/log/linux/free_drivers.html
[2] http://freedomhec.pbwiki.com/

Andre Felipe

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