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Re: MGE's UPS management solution fully supports Debian GNU / Linux

* andremachado (andremachado@techforce.com.br) [070331 17:07]:
> MGE's Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) management solution, called
> Personal Solution-Pac (PSP) for Linux[1], is available with GPL 2
> licence, as announced by Nancy Nelson, MGE's marketing communications
> manager [2] and fully supports Debian GNU / Linux Sarge, Etch and Sid. 
> PSP for Linux is available at the MGE Open Source site [3] and
> supports a broad range of MGE UPS models [4] and latest crescent list
> at [5].
> Debian Project [6] welcomes the hardware manufacturer that opts for
> OSI [7] approved and DFSG [8] compliant GPL license and fully supports
> the distribution, enabling more users to buy and correctly use their
> products at the corporate data center and at home, with reduced
> development costs and improved reliability.

Hm, for me, this doesn't sound too thrilling somehow. Perhaps we should
make it more explicit why this is a great thing. Do we have some quotes
from Nancy Nelson about Debian-support? Like "demanded by many
customers" or so? Or - why is this special? (I'm not an expert in the
UPS market - is Debian support uncommon? Or is this support special
good? Or ...?)


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