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Re: times.debian.net content

The http://wiki.debian.org/PressCoverage2007 has a different focus from the broader http://times.debian.net
the wiki could be seen as a section on times.debian.net.
The wiki is reactive. 
The times.debian.net is proactive (for announcements). 

The Media Press Coverage is a fast moving target. 
Also, the wiki page is reviewed by at least 2 Debian people at each modification. 
Maybe some more reviewers could be added. 
Maybe a few more security measures to avoid spamming and trolls 
(captcha? Moderated subscriptions? Profiles allowing only some pages? Profiling "points" allowing profile "promotion" allowing less reviewing or moderated publishing?).
Maybe the official web site could have more commiters and an easier way to edit the pages. 

If any contributor could easily send / edit contributions and the people in charge only MODERATE the contribution, it will speed up the process.

The official press coverage for 2006 does not contain a single entry. The 2007 page does not even exist yet...
The problem is that the subject is a fast moving one and needs a fast way of publishing and reviewing.
Not all the debian site needs to be so fast.
How solve this?
"wikifying" some portions extending the current www site infrastructure? 
Linking to a more fortified and more reviewed wiki pages?
All wiki page modifications sent to debian-publicity for review?
How wikipedia solve the problems? Could it be an example to follow?

Andre Felipe Machado

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