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Re: times.debian.net content

On 3/21/07, andremachado <andremachado@techforce.com.br> wrote:
It could be of value to include links to
http://wiki.debian.org/presscoverage    (2006)
at the  http://www.debian.org/News/press/

How about renaming this last page as Presscoverage2006 now?
Will it cause too much problems?
It is not being (so much) updated anymore.
Action is on PressCoverage 2007.

I disagree, please remember that there's no l18n support into our
wiki. Let us review the Press related information status on our
official website, wiki and times.debian.net:

Official website:
* /News/press looks official but has no updated content.
* We've l18n support.
* Readers trust the debian.org content and only commiters can edit.

* Doesn't look official but has more updated content.
* There's no l18n support (english only).
* Readers trust its content.

* There is a lot of useful information there.
* There's no l18n support (english only)
* Anyone can edit, should be used as a dashboard only, IMHO.

I think that we could establish that the regular information life
cycle on this scenario should go through wiki and then
times.debian.net and finally be included in the debian.org website.

That's clear to me that if somebody mail press@d.o with new stuff,
Joey and anyone else is free to add it directly in the website, but it
would be better publish the text on our dashboard (wiki) for further
review and then times.debian.net can "test the waters" publishing the
current text revision there and once we have the final content, put it
on the official website and let the translators do their work on a
stable target.


-- stratus

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