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Request from Tunisia

Am reprensenting a Tunisian company (TriTUX) wich is already subscribed as a Debian consultant.
We're a company 100% specialized in Debian based solutions, we've got a big variety of customers, telecom operators, ISPs ...
We were invited by the state to have a talk in a seminary taking place in Tunisia on February, 28th.
The theme of the seminary is : There's free software, there's commercial software, we should'nt ingore each one's existance.
Our mission will be to defend the Debian especially, Free world and Open Source philosophy generally.
There will be Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Oracle and other giants.
And am willing to get some help from the community, if it's possible, some flyers, posters, gadgets supporting Debian ...
In other way, how can the community should help us representing it ?

Thanks for your help.
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