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Re: Linux Magazin Special about Debian

Oliver Frommel wrote:
> unfortunately I have to inform you that we can't produce the
> Debian special issue now. This is due to the uncertainty 
> concerning the actual release date. We as publishing house
> need to make fixed dates with the printers as well as with
> the CD producers. Of course no articles written need to be
> thrown away. We will publish them in our other publications
> in due time. I hope for your understanding but it was just
> impossible to cope with the scarcity of information.

That is not hard to understand, but sad.
Is it really too late to start production, even when the release date is
only set some days in advance? I mean, you cannot have a disadvantage to
other print products in some race to be the first magazine to have an
Etch special - others also can't predict the release date :)

As we might eventually get a new chance for the next Debian release,
what are the exact requirements on information you need to do a proper
planning? How long in advance would you need to know a release date that
is halfway exact +/- some days? Or, how long in advance you need to set
the production date for the print?

Sorry to have overheard your calls for help concerning this, but I also
have no idea where to see more or less at a glance how long it will
probably take until the release. I wasn't aware the the result would be
this decision, probably I'd have tried harder to help you find this out.
The only thing that comes to my mind now would be to ask the Release
Managers directly for their guess.


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