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Re: Debian Developers Conference (India) 06

2006/11/1, Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@ftbfs.de>:
Hi Praveen,

i would like to make an article for http://times.debian.net, but would
need some more details.

We had planned these sessions as a planning meet for the Debian
Developers Conference and were looking for volunteers for a stall at
foss.in and also helping in organising BoFs. Since most of the
students were not familiar with Debian we started with introduction to
Debian. Most of the audience were using either Fedora or Ubuntu or
SUSE. I explained why Debian is unique and the importance we give to
values (Debian Social Contract and DFSG). Then we discussed about
various options to apt-get and how one can start maintaining a
package. We had another discussion on importance of Debian for India
(http://people.inf.in/prasad/conclave.pdf ).

I have written a detailed blog about it

This blog is from one of the student at BMS who helped us in organising.

As for the upcoming conf plans the main aim is to get more people on
Debian Indic Localisation

So, for languages using Indic-style scripts, we have at 100% for d-i level 1:



We hope to form more language teams for which there isn't a team
already working and also get more people to work on langauges that
need more work. Also we are planning a key signing party and BoFs on
various Debian related topics.

I hope this helps.


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