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Re: Etch release advertisement.

I live in an area where there are allot of co-ops and collectivly run
busineses.  There is even a non-profit community suported radio station
with it's own news program that allot of people listen to who I'm sure
would be very interested in hearing about Debian.  I'm sure I could get
some air time, all I would need is the right questions to ask the right
people in an interview(s) recorded over the phone.  It wouldn't cost
anything other than some long distance calls.  I'm sure the station
would go for it, it's all about community building and it adds to the
veriety that station is known for.  The station is also almost all
volunteer and multi-lingual, similar spirit to Debain.  I'll need allot
of input to do this. Feed me ideas.

Maybe it could be a 10 to 15 minute piece with a brief history of the
free software movement, Debian's roll in it, all the things you can do
with Debian, how to get more info on the new release, and close it off
by mentioning offshoots of the intelectual property situation like the
Creative Commons copyrights for artists, writers, and musicians.  A
recording of an interview at a big Debian or Linux event with all the
background noise would sound better than a phone interview, some one
else will have to come up with that, I'm not travalable.  Maybe that
could be just part of the piece, where the person is telling us all
about Debian, how it's organized and the social contract and all.  Once
I put it together I can make it available to others who have access to
the air waves.  Be nice to have it ready the week of the Etch release,
so all the PR happens at the same time.

The area I'm in is Minnesota in the US, wich still has strong ties to
Scandinavia because around a century ago two thirds of the people
migrated directly from there to here.  If the interviewed person, or one
of them, had a Norwegian or Swedish accent, I'm sure that go over very
well too.  We have the impression around here that all Scandinavians are
way cool people.

As far as newspaper ads, how about making a number of jpg files that
local users can put in their local metro papers?  I think I may be able
to get some friends together to pay for a quarter tabloid page ad. Maybe
have a contest to produce the jpg files.

ps, I don't think I'm actauly subscribed to the list, so please forward
if it don't show up.

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