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event-report: First Colombian Mini-DebConf Report

As announced on [1], we had the first Colombian Mini-DebConf[2] at
August 19th and 20th 2.006.

14 Debian enthusiasts from all over the country joined the event, and we
even got the help from Luciano Bello from Argentina, who was invited to
the related event "Jornadas de Software Libre" [3] that was held in

Colombian Debian community is just starting to get into the work and we
couldn't manage to do any BSP, but we did an on-hands workshop on
general Debian tasks and package maintainance. At the end, we also had a
KSP, organized by Santiago Ruano Rincon[4]. At least 4 of the 14
assistants have continued the work that was started that day.

Santiago was the only DD present, and only Luciano and I have had any
previous and continued experience at the NMP, so the three of us made
the talking and helped the assistants on their work. 

A more detailed report can be found in Spanish at [5].

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2006/08/msg00002.html
[2] (spanish) http://wiki.debian.org/DebianColombia/MiniDebconf2006
[3] (spanish) http://jsl.unicauca.edu.co
[4] (spanish) http://afrodita.unicauca.edu.co/~santiago/ksp-jsl2006/
[5] (spanish)
Alejandro Ríos Peña

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