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Re: Etch release advertisement.

On 8/28/06, Joey Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> wrote:
Gustavo Franco wrote:
> What do you think if we start asking for donations to a Debian Etch
> release ad in something big in the press and Linux related ? This idea
> is similar to what Mozilla did for Firefox, but i would prefer avoid
> use the donated money in a non-linux communication channel.

Interesting idea, something like the Spread Firefox campagne.

However before I'd like some general questions:

 . What would we want to achieve with the ad?

spread the word that there's a new release of the universal operating
system and you can use it now on your servers and desktops.

 . Where should it be printed?


 . Who prepares the ad?

us, after all this mailing list aims to make Debian famous[0]. :-P

 . How large should it be?
   (Maybe smaller depending on less money?)

I think at least a page or half. It would be good if we can put it in
more than one media, IMHO.

 . What exactly should be referenced?

dunno, but maybe we've somebody here 'in the loop' on the ad thing. I
will prepare a image soon, just a sketch.

-- stratus

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