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Debian backed by HP (pr preview 6)

I created a wiki page for faster community edition and corrections.
The proposed workflow is to have a scratchpad, with an expected closing date
for comments and modifications.
If you edit the page, please send a message to the list.

For future press releases, create another Level 1 topic.

Who has the permission to issue an official announcement at the project news page?

This announcement is late, unfortunately. Because we did not react as fast as
needed and engaged in somewhat longer debate. We need public relations
professionals at this list. Invite some friend to participate.

But the subject generated interest at the media.
It is VERY important to issue an announcement, as this HP support allowed
Debian GNU / Linux to be considered at corporations.
HP gave Debian a big boost.

Yesterday I read a public bank CIO interview (sorry, it was on paper, no web
link yet). He used tco, roi, 24x7 corporate support plans, vendor financial
health and size to justify abandoning linux for windows desktops and leaving
only RHEL on servers. 
The Debian announcement is not for developers and geeks. Is for corporate
people, who like numbers and "who am I talking to" classification /  credentials.
In order to not make mistakes, I used the "about Debian" from a previous
announcement and "about HP" from their announcement.

Andre Felipe


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