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Re: Debian backed by HP (pr preview 4)

Em Sex, 2006-08-18 às 23:25 -0500, Joseph Neal escreveu:
> > = Debian welcomes HP's support =
> > 
> > As the first tier-one  vendor, HP announced 
> > ( http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2006/060814a.html )
> > that it has increased Linux distribution support options for 
> > customers and expanded its portfolio to include support 
> > for Debian GNU / Linux.
> That reads almost identical to the HP release.  Ripping off HP's
> press release in your own press release could be a PR disaster and a
> half.  It would reinforce all the negative open source stereotypes as
> well.
The first paragraph was changed from preview 3 to 4 exactly adopting the
previous msg
from Garbee, that seemed good writing.
Well, is it good mkt?
Will be better to use the preview 3 first paragraph?
There were also, some misconceptions at the first suggestions.
1) HP will not "fully" support, as it will not install.
2) HP will support only 2 lines of servers and one thin client product.
3) HP will not "market" the Debian solution. Only offer as an option. To
not "disturb?" the other key partners (RH and Novell).
You can see it is not so rosy....
But it is a very good start.

> What does "As the first "tier-one vendor" mean? 
Major vendor. Big guy. US$ 88.9 Billions revenue in 2006.
Bussiness people love these numbers and classification.
They need a strong partner to release responsibility.
These numbers and classification are ***VERY*** useful in convincing
CEOs and board.
See the http://wiki.debian.org/presscoverage.

>  They were the first to support debian?  The first in the history of computing?  

Yes, the first major vendor in the history of computing.

> It's unclear and it probably also qualifies as jargon.  
Yes, it IS jargon. Bussiness people are not IT experts and LOVE jargon
to seem experts for the IT ones.
They "self feel" competent to decide the future of IT guys.
The vast majority of key IT decisions are issued by people who NOT have
strong knowledge of IT real life.
They are **extremely** susceptible to marketing hype. (See MS mkt
Debian will not hype, but can send some candies over the real good news.

At the company I work (and it is big at our country), the news were well
Now there is **a chance** to Debian "sit at negotiation table".
Before this announcement, there was simply no way. Period.
As own HP, many projects are developed using Debian (it is better). But
before production phase, they are "ported" to RHEL....

> Maybe something more like:
> With its announcement on Monday the 14th of August, 
> ( http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2006/060814a.html ) HP became
> the first tier one vendor (of what?) to support Debian GNU / Linux 
It seems good. What the this list think about?

> I'm late to the party here and know you are on a tight time
> schedule so I'll leave the rest alone, but for God's sakes change those
> lines.
> I'll subscribe to this list and see if I can help with this
> kind of stuff more in the future. I didn't realize there was a place
> for liberal arts students to be useful around here.

All help is welcome!!!
What worries me is the DELAY in announcing.
PR is a fast moving subject and need to leverage the wave.
Or, unfortunately, Debian could confirm the *perception* of endless
debate over everything and not releasing anything...
This is the perception even among *linux guys* I met.
Unfortunately, in marketing *perception* could be more important than
*reality*. (see again MS success).
Debian Project has a very good reality. But spread the word not as good.
This list tries to create solutions.
And all help will be welcome.

Andre Felipe

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