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Re: Marketing / "evangelization" / ...-meeting for Germany/Austria

* Anthony Towns (aj@azure.humbug.org.au) [060808 01:59]:
> On Mon, Aug 07, 2006 at 11:05:41AM +0200, Michael Banck wrote:
> > Where will this meeting take place?

In Essen.

> So, the other question is what exactly you're going to achieve at this
> meeting? What outcomes can we expect -- we talked about a "exhibition
> kit" at dc6, will the attendees create that over the weekend, or
> only be able to talk about it?

Basically, I'm currently setting up the agenda - I will send it out
"in time". :)

Goals are to:
1. summarize our experiences - we all were a bit unhappy, but we need to
get our experiences more structured a bit
2. What do we want at all with going to events?
3. re-structure the organization of events on our side - though most
visitors don't notice it, we are wasting lots of time with doing things
twice (or ignore things unless it's so late that they need way more
energy than wanted)
4. set up a standard-way of "how things are done" - this is a bit
connected to the exhibition kit
5. also "simple" issue like "how should a booth look like?"

> What problems were there recently that
> need fixing? Do we have a list of them already, or should we expect
> one after the meeting?
Partial list exists, the list of "what needs to be fixed" is a result of
the meeting (though I more stress the list "how will it be fixed", that
should cover as many of the issues as possible).

> What is Debian trying to achieve by attending
> exhibitions? What exhibitions do we attend?

Currently - lots of events of all kind. Large ones like CeBit or
Systems. But I guess we need an answer on the first question, and that
might influence which events we attend in future, and how. So, the first
question is part of the agenda.

> Do you have an agenda yet?

Not yet, but there will be one.

> Since aba seems to have done all the organisational stuff so far (along
> with all the other Debian stuff he does), maybe someone else can start
> coordinating an agenda for this meeting?

The impression that I'm doing all the stuff is wrong :) - it's a joint
effort with the other people involved (that's basically how the
participiants list was set up, we talked and people said "oh, this
person should be there too"; actually, we started the discussion at the
last event where we said "we don't want to share this experience again"
:) ).


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