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Marketing / "evangelization" / ...-meeting for Germany/Austria


we recently had a few not so well working exhibitions / fairs in
Germany, so we need to improve something on that. For this reason, I
discussed with some involved people, and we really think we need some
real life "marketing"-meeting in Germany (including some people from

Basic issues are:
- How does Debian represent itself at fairs? What can we improve?
- More marketing stuff

We have these attendends: Alexander Schmehl (Tolimar, events organizer),
Meike Reichle (alphascorpii), Joey Schulze (Joey), Martin Zobel (zobel),
Susanne Ebrecht (miracee; who does events very well for postgres, and is
willing to help us; and is also fairly well connected to the open source
community in Germany as well, and knows Joey way longer than I know
Debian :), Martin Würtele (maxx), Gerfried Fuchs (Rhonda) and myself

We will meet next Weekend for this (sorry for the late notice, but I was
heavily busy with other stuff). In total, this will cost us about about
850 Euros.  The current rough calculation would be something about 600
Euro of train/flight tickets for us all, and something like 80-140 Euro
for the hotel (in total, that's basically sponsored already) and perhaps
up to 150 Euro for misc issues.

So, I'm asking you whether we could take money for that from Debian's
funds? (And if so, how we technically say how much we could spend,
whether you want to approve each expense by yourself, or rather give us
some limit, or ...?)


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