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News item DzongkhaLinux


we wrote a news item on the newly released distro DzongkhaLinux.
See below.



Bhutan Department of Information Technology launches first operating
system to fully support the Dzongkha language.

On June 2nd, the Information and Communication minister of the Royal
Government of Bhutan, Lyonpo Leki Dorji, officially launched
"DzongkhaLinux", an entirely localised Linux distribution based on
Debian.  DzongkhaLinux is the first operating system fully supporting
the country's national language and developed entirely in Bhutan.

Bhutan is very commited to preserve its local culture and traditions.
DzongkhaLinux is the first opportunity for the entire Bhutanese
population to enter the information and communication age, using their
own language.

The Bhutan Department of Information Technology chose Debian for its
high versatility and reliability as well as the guarantee to always
remain 100% free software. DzongkhaLinux developers are commited to
contribute back their translations and development to both Debian and
end-user applications developers, such as Gnome, Openoffice.org and
the Mozilla foundation.	

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