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Re: Two press release proposals: CGL, Roboat

On Sat, 10 Jun 2006, W. Borgert wrote:
| Maybe someone has better writing and English skills than I have
| and would like to issue a press release. It would be nice to

This brings up something I've been meaning to raise.

After about a year on debian-devel-announce, I noticed that one thing that 
the project could really use is more native-English-speaking editors for 
our English language announcements and press releases.

Consequently, I would like to offer my assistance with editing press 
releases.  I'm don't necessarily have the time right now to research and 
write press releases, but I am quite willing to review and edit them for 
clarity if folks would find that useful.

Feel free to email me off-list if you would like help with something you 
are writing.

---Noel Rosenberg
---Systems Engineer
---Gamelogic, Inc.
---"Not the handsome actor...
---    who plays the hero's role." - _Nobody's Hero_ - Rush

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